Lova Gaming

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LOVAGaming Server Rules

No Racism.

No Hate speech. (minor crap talking is encouraged).

Do not spam the chat.

No Advertising of any kind

No walling off monuments or quarries.

Abusive behaviour will get you some pain.

Only speak or type English in main chat rooms.

Do not post inappropriate comments, pictures or videos.

Not reading the rules is not an excuse to be noncompliant.

Ensure your name does not contain offensive or unsuitable words.

No griefing, i.e. placing walled off TCs and traps and despawning all loot.

Event alliances only - Clans are not permitted to work together except for events like oilrig,
military tunnels etc. Clans are not permitted to share resources, or carry out raids together.
You may belong to one clan only! choose wisely!

Exploits must be reported to the admin team immediately.

Cheating, Clipping, Hacking strictly forbidden.

Banning length 4hr-48hr at admins discretion. Permanent bans are at owners discretion.